Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr. J

You gotta love going to the dentist.

It ranks right up there with going to the MVD or trying on swimsuits. However, I have a very hot dentist-- Dr. J. He is always hiking extreme mountains around the world and buying every high tech gizmo invented for his practice. Plus, he does the best crown in town.

I met Dr.J through my husband. When you go in for your 6 month check up you get graded. The hygiene tech, Elena, does the dirty work and then they decide what grade you get based on if you were brushing and flossing as you should and how long it took her to make your pearly whites clean and shiny. Joe would come home and say I got an "A" or "A-". I went to my first check up and got a "B". It was then that I realized Joe just went in and LIED to the dentist because Joe NEVER EVER flosses. He just told them he flosses every day to get an A. Well, don't you know I righted that ship the next time I went in for my appointment!

Flossing is really important though...don't neglect it! Prevents bad breath and bacteria!

Smile. It's a Good Life.


  1. That's funny about Joe and his grade. :) Isn't having a dentist you love so important? Makes a huge difference.

    Also, flipped thought your daily mugshot. You're so adorable, Diane! I haven't ever seen your hair curly before. It looks cute. Also, more pictures of Lucy and Linus, please!

  2. tsk tsk Joe!! flossing is essential!

    Just had my 6 month check-up the other day and all is well. No grades, but I'm sure I'd get an A since I always get As! :)